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The PLC09 Arbitrator unit (Allen-Bradley DF1 port expander or multiplexer) permits communication to a single Allen-Bradley PLC RS-232 serial port from up to three separate host computers or terminals.


PLC09 access is granted to the first host to communicate with a DLE STX, DLE SOH, or DLE ENQ and is released upon receipt of a DLE ACK from the Host, a DLE EOT from the PLC, or an overall timeout. A request received while the PLC port is active is buffered until the current communication is complete.


Variable Baud Rates Separate independent baud rates are supported on the four serial ports (three host, one PLC). Baud Rates - 110, 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, and 19200. Configurable thru Host 1 port. The unit can be configured for Full or Half Duplex, CRC or BCC, baud rate, and format. (Configuration software is included) LED activity indicator. RTS control on Host 1 and PLC ports for half duplex operation.


Enclosure is 5" by 7" by 1.5" molded plastic Host 1 - 9 pin female D connector Host 2 - 9 pin female D connector Host 3 - 6 pin female RJ12 connector. PLC - 9 pin male D connector


Wall plug power supply. Input 120 VAC, output 9 VDC @ 500 m.a. 12 VDC standard, 24 VDC optional (100 m.a. required) -20 to + 60 degree C operation FCC Class A compliance

Protocols Supported:

Allen-Bradley DF1 Full or Half Duplex Call for information on other protocols


One year parts and labour on a factory return basis

Ordering Information:

PLC09 model, Allen-Bradley DF1 interface

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